Become A Partnered Therapist

Petcerts Is Looking To Partner With Therapists Around The US!

What We're Looking For: As Petcerts expands across the US, we are actively looking for therapists in each state to partner with. In order to legally operate in each state, we're required to have at least one therapist who is licensed in the state to assist with assessing clients. In order to keep a consistant workload for our therapists, we limit the number of therapists in each state based on the order count. Some states may have waitlists to partner.

How You Can Benifit: As one of our partnered therapists, you're able to take advantage of what we have to offer. Your practice will have access to our clients in your state in order to provide evaulations on assessments. You'll receive a direct percentage of the profit from each order. Petcerts allows your practice to add new clients while diversifing your revenue! We also work to actively provide referals to your practice.

Where To Sign Up: To sign up to become an partner with Petcerts, you can use the application below or click the link. Signup takes 2 minutes and we'll reach back out within 24 hours. Click here to partner!

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